Welcome to our expanded website detailing an entire spectrum of treatment options that our team at AtlantiCare has developed to offer anyone suffering from the ill effects of excess weight.

Recognizing obesity and morbid obesity as true disease states, we can formulate a treatment plan for you whether you need to lose 10 or 100 pounds or more. Yes, your appearance will also change, but our comprehensive weight loss center has been developed by health professionals to make sure that weight loss to improve health can be achieved in a safe, effective and durable fashion.

The foundation of changes in diet, behavior and an increasingly active life style are also supported by powerful pharmacological and surgical tools of scientifically tested validity to help you achieve and maintain weight loss that you have never thought possible and that will result in lasting positive results in your health. In addition, we will provide ongoing emotional support and motivation through our Support Groups.

I personally welcome you to our "family" and hope that you find the content of our website a positive first step in improving your health through weight loss.

Healthy Regards,
Alexander Onopchenko M.D., F.A.C.S.
Medical Director and Bariatric Surgeon
Center for Surgical Weight Loss and Wellness
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center